Initial coin offering – it’s benefits and challenges

ICO basically stands for “Initial Coin Offering”. Initial Coin Offering is a method to start a new crypto-business or cryptocurrency system. The person with the startup idea gives the investors a crypto-token and in turn they provide him with real cryptocurrency (like bitcoin or ether) to start building on that idea.

How does it work?

Let’s say for instance, you are in crypto business. You come up with an idea of a new cryptocurrency system. For sure, you need some money to make that new cryptocurrency. Now, there are two ways you could get that money. You can go to the bank for investing. But in that case you will be going to capital investors and will be losing the ownership of the company. Instead, you go for the second way. Which is “Initial Coin Offering”. The person with the idea has to list down all the things like how the system works on a piece of paper (often called as white paper) and show it to people and ask them to send you cryptocurrency like bitcoin or ether. The willing people send you the money and in turn you make your “new cryptocurrency” with that currency and send it back to them.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that through this method a person doesn’t lose the ownership. It is not investment, it is just gambling and hoping that the new currency for which they are paying for will be successful in the near future.

Eligibility and cautions

So basically who can launch an “Initial Coin Offering”?  The answer is “anyone”. As long as you can set the whole system up, you can try to get funding and run your currency. But one must be cautious in case of funding. In this new world of technology, ICO is a very easy method to set up a scam. While playing tricks with people, anyone can make you believe that they have a very good idea even if the idea doesn’t exist. So basically take a run through all the possibilities and facts before making any funding. Make sure that the people who are setting up the ICO and reliable and accountable. Do these people have any previous experience in block chain or something like this?


ICO is a very easy and efficient way to raise your money. But be sure to do research before funding anything as cryptocurrency is all about high risks and high earnings.

Bitcoin in Australia

Cryptocurrency (a digital currency) is created to provide a way to exchange money. It uses the secure code to provide security, validate the transactions, and to make new units of a specific cryptocurrency. This digital currency is composed of limited entries in the database.

How to buy bitcoins in Australia?

Let’s discuss the procedure to buy bitcoins in Australia. Following are the two ways to buy Bitcoins in Australia:

Bitcoin Broker

If you have no experience or have no plans on becoming a cryptocurrency trader and you want a convenient way to buy a bitcoin, then bitcoin brokers would be the best option. But then convenience comes at a cost, which means you will have to pay for the brokerage services as well.

Buy from an exchange

Cryptocurrencies for example bitcoins are traded on exchanges, and if you intended to adopt a cost-effective way to purchase it and if you believe you are good at cryptocurrency trading then exchanges are the best possible way to buy them. These exchanges provide a reliable forum to trade cryptocurrencies.

Create wallets to hold your bitcoins

Before buying bitcoins, you might want to consider creating wallets for your cryptocurrency. There are following three types of wallets that you should consider.

  1. Desktop:

It is an accessible and secure form of the wallet, as it is kind of a program that one has to download. But before doing so, you shall be sure that your system if free from all kind of viruses.

  1. Smartphone:

It works same as a desktop wallet, but instead, it is an application that you can download for your mobile phones.

  1. Hardware:

If you want to hold your currency in more like a physical and in offline form, then hardware wallet is the best option for you. They are like USBs or hard drives which can hold cryptocurrencies. (a website) is the most reliable and widely used wallet; it is as simple as downloading any other software.

Bitcoin service to make a payment

You can choose the best suitable option to get your money transferred. You can either find a broker who will buy it on your behalf and will save you from all the complications or else you can create an account on an exchange, where you can get more involved in trading of cryptocurrency, and it will give you a better value of money.

Receive your Bitcoins

You need to provide the address of your wallet; address will look like a long list of numbers and letter, approximately 15 digits long. On (website) you can get an address of your wallet. You won’t be able to receive your bitcoins if you do not provide the address of your bitcoin. Once the process is initiated, you will see your currency in your wallet within an hour.

Taxes on Bitcoin

Since the bitcoin’s launch, most of the people have enjoyed it without paying a single penny as the tax. However, today the situation has changed because in the U.S every cryptocurrency, i.e. bitcoin transaction, mining, trading, exchanging will be a taxable event from now on.

2018 a landmark year for US tax agency

This year is undoubtedly going to be the jackpot for the U.S tax collection agency IRS. The IRS always likes the people who come out on their own to pay taxes unlike those who hideaway. The people who are paying taxes on the bitcoins are doing themselves a favor because otherwise, the IRS plans to use criminal penalties on those who are hiding away their bitcoin income.

IRS has also claimed that only some people (in hundreds) are paying taxes on their cryptocurrency since the launch of cryptocurrency and IRS thinks that many people are evading the tax by hiding their crypto transactions.

IRS did not give a lot of information regarding the bitcoin taxation. Although everyone refers the bitcoin as a virtual currency, but IRS counts it as property. Due to this buying, selling, exchanging and other crypto procedures have capital gain implications. Similarly, receiving cryptocurrency also counts as an ordinary income.

Some tax implications

The tax implications do not only apply to bitcoin but also to all crypto, currencies as well because bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency as there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies.

Let us discuss some of the tax implications of crypto transactions.

  • Exchanging: If you trade one cryptocurrency for another than it becomes taxable. For example, using Ethereum to buy another cryptocurrency. Here Ethereum is sold, which gives you capital gain or loss.
  • Getting payments as crypto: If you get paid for your services or job in terms of cryptocurrency, then the cryptocurrency is considered as ordinary income.
  • Mining: It falls into the category of ordinary income. The income is calculated by the market value of the coin.
  • Purchasing with crypto: It is also a taxable event because it might generate capital gain or loss. For example, you bought a coin for $100, and the value of that coin was $200, and then you purchased a gift card worth $200 with that coin then there will be a $100 gain on which tax will be applied.

Not only the transactions mentioned above but also a lot of other crypto transactions like Air drops, conversion of a cryptocurrency are also taxable.